The Faculty of Physics of the SFedU is one of the largest faculties of the natural sciences in the SFedU. The faculty was established in 1961, taking into account the unique experience of the best Soviet physics and technology universities — Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, MEPhI, etc. physical and mathematical cycle and in-depth training in information technology and programming languages. The history of training specialists in the field of physics at our university originates from the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the Imperial Warsaw University, established in 1869 and transferred to Rostov-on-Don in 1915. Today, many fundamental areas of modern physics are being developed in the laboratories of the university - from the physics of the microworld, the physics of nanomaterials to the physics of space, as well as a wide range of applied research in the field of radiophysics, infocommunications, and nanotechnologies. Education at the Faculty of Physics of SFedU is conducted in undergraduate and graduate programs in a wide range of areas, including classical (physics, radiophysics), engineering (nanotechnologies and microsystems technology, infocommunication technologies and communication systems, technical physics), pedagogical direction (mathematics and physics). Graduates of the Faculty of Physics are extremely in demand in various Russian and foreign world-class research centers, universities, institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, research institutes and design bureaus of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation, high-tech companies, IT companies, telecommunications companies, educational organizations, etc.

The Faculty of Physics is a fundamental education, world-class science, prestigious employment. At present, the institute has a full range of areas and specialties presented in its name.

Dean of Faculty of Physics

Prof. Manuilov Mikhail Borisovich


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